About Us

Gilliam Burke Investigations

Established in 2013, Gilliam Burke Investigations is proud to be a leading agency in investigations, with specialties in criminal defence, litigation support, and workplace investigations. We have proudly been serving law firms, large and small organizations, and private individuals for over 10 years.

Brendan Burke

I am a licensed Investigator in Alberta with nearly a decade of industry experience, and an accredited trainer under S. 14(2) of the Security Services and Investigators Act (Ministerial) Regulation. I am also licensed as a Private Investigator in British Columbia. I am appointed as a Commissioner For Oaths in Alberta, and am a member of the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council (CDITC).

As a CDITC certified criminal defence specialist, I investigate serious charges such as homicide, sexually-based offences, and assault. These investigations can be complex and sensitive, and I am required to handle multiple tasks as well as  rapidly shifting priorities and deadlines.

In addition to my criminal defence work, I conduct background, due diligence, and workplace investigations for major corporate clients, and investigate in support in civil litigation during the pre-trial, trial, and post-judgement stages. I am a CSI Linux Certified Investigator (CSIL-CI)  and create online investigation and cybersecurity tools, with a particular focus in the Python programming language.

I have been featured in Mental Floss magazine, Pursuit Magazine, and on CBC Radio.

Kelly Gilliam

I am a licensed private investigator in Alberta, and am committed to serving our clients through detailed, thorough investigations.

When not engaged in criminal defence investigations, I lead workplace investigations for major public sector and corporate clients, conduct locate investigations, and investigate in support of civil litigation at all stages.

As a workplace investigator, my experience in human resources, managing employees, and with non-profit entities gives me a unique insight in to organizational investigations. With years of experience in both the public and private sector, I excel at identifying workplace culture issues, uncovering ineffective policies and practices, and working with organizations to provide positive, practical solutions.

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