About Us

Brendan Burke

I’m a private investigator. I find information. I talk to people, I analyze documents, and because my generation lives on the Internet, I scour the web for connections others might not find. But even in our digital world, I still love getting out in the streets. I love libraries. I miss the old Polk City Directories.

In addition to being a licensed Investigator, I am an accredited trainer under S. 14(2) of the Security Services and Investigators Act (Ministerial) Regulation. I am also licensed as a Private Investigator in British Columbia, a member of the Professional Investigators’ Association Of B.C, and a member of the Alberta Association of Private Investigators. I am appointed as a Commissioner For Oaths in Alberta.

In addition to bringing a high level of professionalism and customer service to general service private investigations, I am also committed to serving the public good through the clients and cases I take on.


Kelly Gilliam

Bringing my years of experience in the private sector to our business, I am a licensed private investigator in Alberta and a member of the Alberta Association of Private Investigators.

As an investigator, it is important to me to represent my client’s interest through detail-oriented work, and to work with our clients in order to best achieve their results, whether those are within the legal system, or for personal matters. As a photographer, I bring a wide range of knowledge of modern photographic, video, and audio equipment, and apply that knowledge to the benefit of our clients.

My years of experience within the private sector, and the publication industry brings further experience within the corporate world, and am well versed within the human resources and management fields. My academic background includes archaeology, anthropology, and criminology, and I have had articles published in several publications ranging from photography, to agriculture, or social anthropology.

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