Criminal Defence Investigation Specialists

Gilliam Burke Investigations is the only private investigation agency in Edmonton with a specialty in — and deep philosophical commitment to — criminal defence investigation. We have undertaken specific criminal defence investigation training used across the United States by the offices of Federal, State, and County Public Defenders. We are proud to be one of the only investigation agencies in Canada with this level of training and expertise.

Our Reputation

Our investigations  have helped counsel prepare for and defend against extremely serious charges including homicide and sexual assault. Based on our experience, we are well aware of the quality of investigations often conducted by police and the impact a criminal charge can have on an individual’s life. By conducting thorough investigations, we are proud to have assisted in the acquittal of all charges in many cases. Upon request, we can provide references from criminal defence law firms who regularly use our services.

Our Philosophy

We do not believe the police can conduct an impartial investigation — not because we dislike police, but because police are trained to uncover reasonable and probable grounds to make an arrest or lay a charge.

We do not begrudge the role police play, just as we would not begrudge Crown Attorneys for prosecuting a case: the principles and foundations of our legal system are the greatest in the world. But the role of police,  their training, and their approach to investigation, is distinct and separate from that of a defence investigator. Likewise, we do not believe that a former police or government investigator background is necessarily sufficient per se to conduct a proper defence investigation.

Our Commitment

We, on the other hand, are trained to uncover reasonable doubt. We are highly experienced in criminal defence investigations, and we are deeply committed to defending the right to make full answer and defense as guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We view defending this right as the highest possible virtue and we strive to make our society a little better, a little more free, and a little more just.

Because we believe that everyone facing criminal charges deserves a thorough defense investigation, we offer a discounted rate for Legal Aid cases and can assist lawyers with the approval process.