Surveillance Packages

Even in the age of digital investigations, nothing beats good old-fashioned surveillance. Be it static or mobile, vehicle-based, or on foot, surveillance is one of the best ways to gather information about a person’s activities. We have used surveillance in child custody and other types of  investigations, and gone undercover to gather information and verify certain claims.

But while surveillance can be very effective, it is time consuming process and can strain budgets. That’s why we have developed affordable surveillance packages at flat rates for our most popular surveillance investigations.

We offer flat rates for:

  • Half Day (4 hours) surveillance.
  • Full Day (8 hours) surveillance.
  • 3 Day (24 hours/3 days) surveillance.
  • 1 Week (40 hours/5 days) surveillance.

Multi-day surveillance can be conducted on consecutive or non-consecutive days, and our packages can be extended if more surveillance is requested. We will provide photo/video evidence and a surveillance report and the end of the operation, and do not charge mileage for travel within Edmonton.

Surveillance, especially mobile surveillance, is both art and science. We will conduct operations professionally but cannot promise activity on behalf of the subject. Privacy, trespass, investigator safety, and traffic laws will dictate the conduct of surveillance operations.

A minimum of two investigators is required for mobile surveillance or overnight static surveillance.

An address, workplace, or other starting point must be known. Locate or other investigation fees apply otherwise.

Please note we do not conduct infidelity investigations.