Success Stories

While each case is different, our sound investigative methodology combined with creative problem solving has allowed us to bring positive results to our clients. Here are a few of our favourite cases.

Finding Facts

The client was engaged in a custody dispute with his ex-partner. The client was concerned about the welfare of his two children and the lifestyle of his ex. We were able to collect physical, video, and photographic evidence — as well as witness interviews — documenting drug abuse, criminal activity, and violence. Our client subsequently gained custody of both children.

Finding People

The client was owed over $10,000 in child support by her ex-husband, who had taken great lengths to avoid paying and was essentially “hiding out”. The client came to us after government agencies had said they were unable to find him. We were able to locate the subject and provide asset information to the client and to government agencies, which helped her collect the owed support.

In another case, we were able to locate and serve a difficult-to-find defendant so our client could proceed with a civil claim seeking substantial damages.

Collecting Photo & Video Evidence

The client was involved in litigation revolving around child custody and spousal support. The subject of the investigation was making various claims about physical disabilities which she claimed would require continued support payments. We were able to collect video evidence to contradict these claims.

Background & Asset Investigation

The client was concerned about the financial history of an associate who was proposing various investments. We were able to uncover not only a history of failed investments, but a bankruptcy, and a conviction for financial crime.

An international client contacted us to locate an address for service for a civil suit. In addition to locating the defendant, we were able to provide a financial picture of the defendant to allow the client to decide if proceeding with litigation was appropriate.

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