Social Media Investigations: OSINT

What Is Open Source Intelligence?

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is a term that has been around for a long time and simply means intelligence derived from “open” or public information sources. This describes about 90% of traditional (government) intelligence gathering, and is also how private investigators operate. However, in the modern era it has become a popular shorthand for internet investigation, specifically social media.

We have a combined 40 years of Internet research experience dating to the early 90’s, back when “social media” was called “Usenet”. We’ve always used internet and social media sources in our investigations because it is part-and-parcel of any modern investigation — just like a telephone or a car. But to better meet the needs of our clients we are pleased to announce our specialized social media/opensource intelligence (SM/OSINT) service.

For certain applications, nothing beats “shoe-leather” investigations but depending on your specific needs and budget, this service can be used as a stand-alone, to supplement your own investigation, or as an entry point to determine if you require our customized hybrid analogue/digital investigations.

Data Mining: Beyond Your Average Search Engine.

Dedicated investigators and analysts will locate, identify, track, and analyze a broad range of data; our basic service includes a source report and investigation summary and can be expanded to include a detailed assessment report with actionable recommendations.

Suggested Use Cases:

  • Threat detection, assessment, and analysis.
  • Workplace, cyber, and other forms of harassment or stalking.
  • Competitive and business intelligence.
  • Human network analysis.
  • Defamation investigation.
  • Litigation investigation.
  • Witness screening and vetting.
  • Monitor employee social media use during work hours.
  • Due diligence.
  • Background investigation.

Legal, Ethical, and Actionable Internet Investigations.

While our sources, methods, and tools are not things the general public use, all information gathered (as with any investigation we conduct) is gathered legally. We cannot (and will not) hack accounts, steal confidential information, or break the law but rather provide lawfully acquired court-ready evidence and actionable intelligence.

Contact us today to learn how our SM/OSINT investigations can transform information in to intelligence.