Protective Orders, Restraining Orders, and High-Risk Service

In order to safely conduct high-risk service of process such as Queen’s Bench Protective Orders, Restraining Orders, or any other service of process where safety may be an issue *, we have specialized training and tools that process servers — and even many private investigators — do not.

We have years of experience in high risk situations and are certified in PPCT Defensive Tactics, Counter Blade Concepts, and Management of Aggressive Behaviour. We regularly train with internationally recognized current and former Alberta law enforcement instructors in deescalation and use-of-force tactics, and legal/liability considerations, and attend many of the same training courses as Alberta and Community Peace Officers.

We will conduct service in a professional, courteous manner with the safety of all involved parties being our foremost priority.

* Any service of process may be high-risk if the person to be served is a known or suspected abuser of drugs or alcohol; has a history of violent behaviour; has made threats of violence; possess or is believed to possess weapons, or has received military or formal training in weapons or martial arts.