Online Investigations

“Open-source intelligence”, “Cyber”, or “Internet investigations” are a growing specialty in the world of professional investigations, and for good reason.

While open-source intelligence does not exclusively mean “online”,  the internet, the web, and social media (which are each distinct) can all be powerful tools in an investigation, which sometimes leads people to believe that an investigation of this type is “easy”.

More Than A Search Engine

A proper investigation of this type is actually quite complex, both technically and legally, and not everyone has the skill or experience needed to do it right.

As highly-skilled, experienced investigators, we use sophisticated, custom-built digital tools — including software we have built ourselves — to ensure a thorough and comprehensive investigation. But there is much, much more to this type of investigation than using software and expecting to close a case:

  • We verify, and provide context to, the information in order to provide a useful “intelligence product”.
  • We ensure that the information is collected, processed, and stored in a way that will hold up in court.
  • We ensure that our investigations are conducted legally and ethically, and properly documented in a detailed, professional manner.

Investigations that focus largely on social media or internet activity will sometimes hit a roadblock where a court order, such as an International Production Order, is needed to legally proceed. Thankfully, we have experience in providing the information needed to obtain these orders.

Exploiting The Digital Panopticon

Using sophisticated tools restricted to investigators and a specialized, advanced software suite including proprietary software we created in-house, our Social Media & Digital Intelligence investigations can be used alone or in conjunction with other services.

  • Phone/Email Identification: We can cross reference phone number, email address, or username with other public and private information sources as allowed by law to potentially identify unknown individuals.
  • Digital Footprint Identification: We will identify social media accounts belonging to an individual and provide usage snapshots in a custom report.
  • Digital Surveillance (Short Term): We will identify and log a Subject’s online footprint and behaviour; track changes or updates, and conduct digital surveillance over a short period.
  • Digital Surveillance (Quarterly): We will identify and log a Subject’s online footprint and behaviour; track changes or updates, and conduct digital surveillance over 3 month period.
  • Comprehensive Technical OSINT Investigations: When the “scene of the crime” is online, our comprehensive technical OSINT investigations provide you with court-ready reports, and technical evidence gathered and processed in a manner that will withstand forensic scrutiny.

We have used our online investigation skills to:

  • Locate and interview witnesses who could not be found any other way.
  • Legally verify the owner of a bank account.
  • Uncover a 40 year old serious criminal conviction that was not available in court records.
  • Obtain evidence to impeach witnesses in criminal and civil cases.
  • Obtain evidence of online defamation and harassment.
  • Uncover proof of serious fraud.
  • Monitor social media for threats.

Comprehensive and Actionable Intelligence

If you need a locate, background, criminal defence, or other type of investigation, we combine both “shoe-leather” and digital investigation techniques to provide the most comprehensive and actionable intelligence available. Contact us today to learn more.