No Find, No Fee?

The Value of Professionals

We are sometimes asked if we offer a “no find, no fee skip trace”. We do not. Instead, we offer comprehensive and diligent locate investigations.

As professional, experienced, licensed Investigators, we have successfully located:

• A witness at an obscure rural address, based on a picture of a hat. Our subsequent KGB interview of this witness radically altered the course of the trial in our client’s favour.
• Defendants in an online defamation case with no addresses listed in public records.
• A civil defendant with an inaccurate address on his driver’s license, who was living in a different province and actively hiding from police.
• A victim of a decade-old crime who could not be found by police detectives.
• Birth parents in adoption cases with very limited and very old biographical information.
• A witness that a law firm had spent six months trying to locate themselves with no success.
• A party to a divorce that had been missing for over a year. The lawyer in this case had previously hired multiple investigators with no success.

The Value of Experience

Even in cases where we unable to locate the person, our clients have been able to obtain a satisfactory resolution at court.

For example: a client needed to find a co-signer on a property, as the client was preparing to sell it. The co-signer had disappeared without a trace. We determined the co-signer had likely died overseas, and our comprehensive investigation report detailed all the steps we had taken. Our report convinced a judge to remove the co-signer from the title and allow our client to sell the property.

The Value of Gilliam Burke Investigations

We question the skill, professionalism, and even the legal status of those who would offer “no find, no fee” locates, as these are low-effort attempts typically offered by the unlicensed and unregulated and passed off as an investigation.

We sometimes see legitimate, professionally licensed investigators offer inexpensive locate services based one source or data point, which is great if it works. Without verification of the information, a client could be paying for out-of-date or inaccurate information.

If you are serious about doing what it takes to legally and ethically locate a person for court or other lawful purposes, contact us today.