We Might Not Be The Right Choice For You (And We Will Tell You That)

Not all problems can solved by a PI.

Any investigation we conduct must not only be legal but also an appropriate means to resolve a problem. Sometimes what’s needed isn’t a PI; it might a lawyer or a different type of professional. If we don’t think a PI will help, we will be upfront about it.

The prospect of success must at least have an air of reality or there must be a clearly stated goal. While no one can predict the outcome of any investigation, if we think hiring an investigator is a waste of money, we have no problem telling you.

The case must be appropriate for our firm.

We are not an alternative to the police. We don’t use polygraphs. If we aren’t the right firm for the case, we are happy to make a referral.

Budgets must be realistic.

If we were asked locate someone in 6 hours on a Sunday evening with no name and a budget of $100, we would call that unrealistic. While some firms of our size will focus on price, we focus on value: we have a set of highly-developed core skills and can apply those skills to a broad range of clients to help make business, legal, or financial decisions.

We offer both flat-rate and hourly services depending what is the best fit for the case. By including investigative costs and expenses in our rates, and by being selective about our clients, we can help keep both costs and results predictable.