Locate Investigations

Whether you need to locate a defendant for service, enforce a judgement, locate an heir, or reunite with a family member, Gilliam Burke Investigations succeeds where others have failed.

We provide variety of locate services depending on need, budget, and difficulty.

Note: For locate investigations not related to litigation, such as family reunification, we will not provide the located party’s address without their consent.

Preliminary Locate Investigation

Our methods surpass the typical “skip trace” and get actual results. Most often requested as a locate for service of process, we will provide best available last known address and report for substitutional service if required.

Advanced Locate Investigation

If our preliminary locate has failed, or if your subject is taking active measures to conceal their location, our advanced locate uses additional HUMINT, OSINT, and SM/OSINT methods to locate difficult-to-find individuals.

Family Reunification and Probate Investigation

We will identify, if required, and locate a family member including telephone contact and/or reunification letter sent via registered mail. Also used in probate or missing heir cases.

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