A Winning Edge.

Legal Investigations

Our clients include some of the top lawyers and firms in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and the United States. We have located individuals for probate files, assisted in criminal defense and wrongful death cases, and provided background and pre-litigation due diligence investigations.

Estate Planning

A lawyer was working on an estate plan for clients and needed information regarding the clients' adult child. The clients were concerned that a trust they planned to establish may be subject to claims by their child's spouse's creditors. We were able to provide a detailed and comprehensive background and asset investigation to assist in this planning.

Locating Parties

An international law firm needed to find a claimant and time was running out. The firm had previously hired a local skip tracer who was unable to contact the claimant. We were able to locate and confirm the claimant's residence in a third country and connect them with the firm.

Pre-Litigation Due Diligence

An international client contacted us to locate an address for service for a civil suit. In addition to locating the defendant, we were able to provide a financial picture of the defendant to allow the client to decide if proceeding with litigation was appropriate.