Investigator Training

As a leading private investigation firm and an accredited training provider, we are always excited to hear from people interested in entering this dynamic profession.

We have created courses to help you obtain your license, get your foot in the door of a competitive industry, and succeed in the exciting world of professional investigations.

We currently offer:

Online Accredited Investigator Training:

This government-approved course will teach you the laws, skills, and resources needed to write the Alberta Examination For Professional Investigators. Accepted in AB, MB, and other Canadian jurisdictions.

Classroom-Based Investigator Training:

While the online, self-guided study we offer in our online course can be great for some students, we know that in-person group education works best for others.

Our in-person classroom setting is perfect for students who want guided study and class discussion. You will be able to ask the instructor any questions related to the class material as you are learning, clarify ideas, and learn the ins and outs of investigations in a structured environment.

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