Individual Investigations

Gilliam Burke Investigations provides a broad range of investigation services to individuals.
Please note we do not accept cases regarding suspected infidelity.

Social Media Identification Investigation

We will identify social media accounts belonging to an individual and provide usage snapshots in a custom report.

Social Media Surveillance Investigation

We will identify and log social media accounts and usage, and track for changes or updates over time.

Phone/Email/Username Profile Tracing

We will cross reference phone number, email address, or username with other information sources as allowed by law to identify unknown individuals.

Online Harassment

We will identify and log social media accounts; log usage activity as court-ready evidence and track for changes or updates over time. We will also cross reference phone numbers, email addresses and usernames against other information sources as allowed by law.

Online Romance Scams/”Catfishing”

Using OSINT and SM/OSINT methods, we validate or refute claims made by suspected “catfish” to determine authenticity. While our success rate in other types of investigations is very high, we have had a 100% success rate in identifying romance scams.

Family Reunification Investigations

We will identify, if required, and locate a family member including telephone contact and/or reunification letter sent via registered mail.

Note: For locate investigations not related to litigation, such as family reunification, we will not provide the located party’s address without their consent.

Custom Investigations

If what you are looking for is not listed as a predefined service, we provide highly customized investigative solutions on a retainer basis. If the retainer is exhausted and further investigation is required, we will provide you with interim results and seek approval before continuing.

Our custom investigations feature an inclusive hourly rate, no mileage charges for travel in Edmonton, and all investigation expenses are deducted from retainer.

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