Human Resources Investigations

Human Resources and Workplace investigations are an integral part of a healthy workplace. Whether it’s an investigation of a complaint, or an external audit to examine policies and practices, Gilliam Burke Investigations can discretely and thoroughly investigate to ensure your workplace is healthy, safe, and productive.

We understand the importance of workplace culture. Our investigations can uncover bullying, harassment, and integrity issues that may be affecting employee morale and your bottom line.

We have the experience in human resources investigations you need in order to ensure policies and procedures are being followed properly. If you’re looking to test or improve a process, or examine a specific issue, we can conduct an audit and provide you with recommendations to make sure your policies work effectively.

Gilliam Burke Investigations is also highly experienced in background and due diligence investigations. Whether you need to ensure a new executive is a proper fit to your organization; determine if your new business partner is reputable; or detect and prevent harm to your brand from rogue employees, we provide effective, actionable intelligence to help reduce exposure and mitigate risk.

We can perform:

• Audits of policies and procedures, with actionable recommendations.
• Due diligence investigations.
• Workplace complaint investigations.
• Workplace culture and morale investigations.
• Employee integrity investigations.

Gilliam Burke Investigations can help you foster a healthy, safe, and productive workplace environment; call us today to discuss your organization’s needs.