Finding People

Because Everyone Is Somewhere.

Finding People For Law Firms

An international law firm needed to find a claimant and time was running out. The firm had previously hired a local skip tracer who was unable to contact the claimant. We were able to locate and confirm the claimants residence in a third country and connect them with the firm.

Finding People For Individuals

The client was owed over $10,000 in child support by her ex-husband, who had taken great lengths to avoid paying and was essentially “hiding out”. The client came to us after government agencies had said they were unable to find him. We were able to locate the subject and provide asset information to the client and to government agencies, which helped her collect the owed support.

In another case, we were able to locate and serve a difficult-to-find defendant so our client could proceed with a civil claim seeking substantial damages.

Finding People For Businesses

An international client contacted us to locate an address for service for a civil suit. In addition to locating the defendant, we were able to provide a financial picture of the defendant to allow the client to decide if proceeding with litigation was appropriate.

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