Finding Facts

We Dig Deeper.

Lawyer Case Studies – Legal Support

A lawyer was working on some estate planning for clients and needed information regarding the clients’ adult child. The clients were concerned that a trust they planned to establish may be subject to claims by their child’s spouse’s creditors. We were able to provide a detailed and comprehensive background and asset investigation to assist in this planning.

Business Case Studies – Due Diligence

A corporate client came to us requesting a background check. The client was about to enter in to a business arrangement and planned to invest about $30,000. However, the client had a few suspicions and (wisely) contacted us to investigate the principals and the corporation involved.

We were able to uncover a history of failed business ventures, bankruptcy, a questionable living situation, and serious criminal charges against one of the principals. We presented this information to our client in an easy-to-use format to assist in the decision making process.

A client came to us prior to buying a business. Our background check on the principals revealed no red flags. We then evaluated the business operation to verify claims made about sales figures. Thankfully, the information provided by the seller was consistent with what we observed.

Individual Case Studies – Litigation & Background Checks

An individual client was engaged in a custody dispute with his ex-partner. The client was concerned about the welfare of his two children and the lifestyle of his ex. We were able to collect physical, video, and photographic evidence — as well as witness interviews — documenting drug abuse, criminal activity, and violence. Our client subsequently gained custody of both children.

A client came to us with questions about a man she was dating. We were able to invalidate claims he had made about his residence, employment, and education, protecting her from a dangerous con artist.

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