Criminal Defence Investigations

“It is fundamental that in furtherance of the right to make full answer and defence, an accused must be able to conduct full inquiry into potential sources of information that may prove valuable.”
The Honourable Mr. Justice J. Williams

We believe that criminal defence is the most important task a legal professional can undertake.

At Gilliam Burke Investigations, we believe the best defence is a good offense. As the Crown has the full weight and power of the the government behind their investigation, the defence is often forced to play catch up. By providing a timely and comprehensive investigation, we level the paying field and work to protect the rights of the accused.

We have worked with Edmonton’s top criminal defence lawyers on cases including assault, robbery, and sexual assault. Some of the ways we’ve helped criminal defence lawyers are:

  • Identifying and locating witnesses.
  • Conducting interviews.
  • Canvassing for video surveillance.
  • Obtaining written statements.
  • Performing background checks.
  • Reviewing crime scenes.
  • Conducting social media searches.
  • Swearing affidavits.
  • We have a strong philosophical commitment to criminal defence and give these cases the highest priority. Because we are committed to justice for all, we offer a flexible rate for Legal Aid files. Contact us today for more information.