COVID-19 Service Announcement

We at Gilliam Burke Investigations wanted to take a moment to address the on-going pandemic, public health state of emergency, and how that relates to the investigation work that Gilliam Burke Investigations performs for our clients.

While some of our activities may be limited in the coming weeks, GBI remains open to new and existing clients to continue on with our work. Due to the nature of investigations and how we perform our work, many of the daily tasks we are involved in are currently unaffected, and we expect that to continue to be the case.

We will have limited access to the court for the next few weeks. On a case-by-case basis, we may opt to not perform some duties that would normally bring us into close contact with other individuals for the time being (certain forms of surveillance, along with interviews). We expect to be able to perform these duties again once the peak of the outbreak has passed, so if your file requires any of these actions that are in a higher risk category, they will be performed once the state of emergency has ended.

We will temporarily also be suspending all client meetings, however we are happy to speak with all new and existing clients via the telephone and email. Our office hours are unchanged, and we are still endeavouring to offer all our clients timely and effective investigative action.

If you have any questions at all for GBI, please give us a call at 780-469-0129, or send us an email here.

Thank you, and stay safe.