Corporate Investigations

Gilliam Burke Investigations provides outstanding corporate investigations to the public and private sector, both locally and internationally. Our thorough, diligent, and professional investigations help to mitigate risk and provide detailed, actionable business intelligence.

Protect your investment; evaluate potential business partners, employees, and clients; and gain a competitive advantage with our corporate investigations.

Vulnerability Management

Using technical and non-technical open-source intelligence, human intelligence, and digital intelligence (OSINT/HUMINT/DIGINT) gathering and analysis methods; physical and remote Social Engineering (SE), and a range of software and hardware tools, we can simulate the attacks carried out by cybercriminals, insider threats, stalkers, and other bad actors.

Human Resources Investigations

We conduct a thorough, impartial investigation, and a detailed review of processes and practices. We will provide you and your legal counsel with a detailed report including our findings and actionable recommendations.

Corporate Background Check and Due Diligence Investigations

We use the same methods as our background investigations, plus additional HUMINT, OSINT and SM/OSINT sources when a deeper investigation is required. For corporations, we include industry-specific information and investigation, as well as credit history.

Site Check

We will attend a desired location and observe and/or photograph the site.

Custom Investigations

If what you are looking for is not listed as a predefined service, we provide highly customized investigative solutions on a retainer basis. If the retainer is exhausted and further investigation is required, we will provide you with interim results and seek approval before continuing.

Our custom investigations feature an inclusive hourly rate, no mileage charges for travel in Edmonton, and all investigation expenses are deducted from retainer.

Contact us today about our corporate investigations.