Background Checks and Investigations

A “background check” — or more properly a background investigation — is a powerful, but misunderstood tool in combating fraud, protecting rights and interests, and avoiding costly and difficult litigation.

Though commonly called a “background check”, a Google search, calling a reference, and obtaining (with consent) a credit check or criminal record check is not sufficient. These steps often leave out key pieces of information and lack the analysis and context that we provide in our reports.

Using human (HUMINT), open-source (OSINT), and online/social media sources, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive investigation to help you make business, legal and financial decisions.

We offer a variety of services depending on your specific needs and budget. All background investigations must be supported by a legitimate, legal purpose.

Preliminary Background Investigation

Our preliminary background investigation includes verification and vetting of a subject using a variety of sources as allowed by law. While not as in-depth as our advanced background investigation, it is very effective at identifying common red flags and can determine if further investigation is necessary.

Advanced Background  or Corporate Background/Due Diligence Investigation

We use the same methods as our preliminary background investigation, plus additional HUMINT, OSINT and SM/OSINT sources when a deeper investigation is required. For corporations, we include industry-specific information and investigation, as well as credit history.

Pre-Litigation Financial Investigation

A financial background investigation to determine ownership of assets and businesses, determine financial standing as permitted by law, and determine if litigation is worthwhile using financial information as available by law. It can also be used in Family Court cases.

Online Romance Scams/”Catfishing”

Using OSINT and SM/OSINT methods, we validate or refute claims made by suspected “catfish” to determine authenticity. While our success rate in other types of investigations is very high, we have had a 100% success rate in identifying romance scams.

Don’t leave important decisions to chance. Avoid costly mistakes by contacting us today about our background investigation services.